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Prayer List


Below provides you a list of the prayers that are sung either Friday evening and/or Saturday morning

  • Click on the name of a prayer to see the Hebrew.
  • Click on the mp3 for each prayer to hear the prayer trope.
Ahat Sha'alti mp3
Ahavah Rabbah mp3
Amidah Avot mp3
Amidah Gevurot mp3
Amidah- Kedushah mp3
Ana El Na Healing prayer mp3
Barechu & Yotzer (am) mp3
Barechu (Friday evening) mp3
Barcuch She'amar mp3
Birchot Hashachar (Morning Blessings) mp3
El Adon mp3
Elohay Neshama mp3
Etz Hayyim mp3
Haftarah Blessings Before mp3
Haftarah Blessings After Reading 1 mp3
Haftarah Blessings After Reading 2-  Ne'eman mp3
Haftarah Blessings After Reading 3-  Rachem mp3
Haftarah Blessings After Reading 4-  Samchenu mp3
Haftarah Blessings After Reading 5 - Al Hatorah mp3
Halleluyah / Psalm 150 (melody 1) mp3
Kaddish Shalem (slow) mp3
Kaddish Shalem (fast) mp3
Kedushah mp3
Kiddush (Saturday Morning) mp3
Kiddush (Friday) mp3
Lecha Dodi mp3
Lecha mp3
Ma Tovu mp3
MicChamocha (Saturday Morning) mp3
MicChamocha (Friday Evening) mp3
Oseh Shalom (3 melodies) mp3
Psalm 150 / Halleluyah (melody 1) mp3
Psalm 29 (pm) mp3
Psalm 92 (2 melodies) mp3
Shema mp3
Torah Blessings and Transliteration N/A
Torah Blessings Before mp3
Torah Blessings After mp3
Vayhi Binsoa mp3
Vayomer mp3
Ve'ahavta mp3
Yedid Nefesh mp3


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