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Welcome to Temple Beth El

     Welcome to TBE. Being a member of Temple Beth El offers more than just a place of worship. We are a caring community with the goal of making each and every member feel that they are part of our extended family. From our Sisterhood to our Men's Club and the various committees within our community, we strive to meet every member's needs, whether it be spiritual, educational or social. If you have questions, want information, or any assistance feel free to Email Jennifer Barnett, Stu Widom, or call the Temple office at (302) 366-8330 and leave a message. We will call or email you as soon as we can.

     Temple Beth El operates under a “Fair Share” Dues Schedule. It is very important to be supportive of our members, but we must also keep the synagogue on sound financial ground. TBE board members have worked hard to consider the needs of the synagogue and to evaluate how to control expenses and the potential impact of the current economy on our immediate and long-term future. The Co-Presidents and Treasurer will be monitoring the suggested levels of contribution during the 2024-2025 membership drive. Honesty and generosity are among the core values of Judaism.

     We urge you to evaluate your commitment to Temple Beth El and our continued growth, not only in terms of membership but also in terms of the revenue dollars needed to support our many outstanding programs and activities including our excellent Religious School. Please help us by getting your forms in no later than August 31st. If special financial arrangements need to be made, you must contact Suzie White (TBE Treasurer) at (302) 521-8448, Arlene Johnson (Co-President) at (302) 893-8310, Nellie Forwood (Co-President) at (302) 463-6199, or complete the Co-President's contact form. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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From the Rabbi

Temple Beth El is an egalitarian, Reconstructionist Jewish congregation celebrating diversity and practicing inclusion. “Coming as you are” is a vital part of our community. We welcome singles, couples, and families, LGBTQI, non-binary and straight allies. We are respectful and welcoming of interfaith families. We build inspiring, nurturing and vibrant Jewish community in diversity. I feel blessed to be the rabbi and spiritual leader of this warm and caring community.

Our members unite in common purpose. We are dedicated to creating joyful and meaningful Jewish experiences. We value our heritage and support each other as individuals in holy community. Our programming, even virtual, reflects a broad and creative vision of what modern synagogue and Jewish life is and can be.

Membership Categories

Young Adult - Under age 30 (before September 1 of the membership year) free membership. All additional charges/fees apply.

Young Adult Family – The oldest spouse under age 30 (before September 1 of the membership year) free family membership. All additional charges/fees apply.

President's Circle - A special category intended to recognize those who generously pledge 150% or more of the scheduled dues amount. Your name will be included on the President's Circle plaque located in our lobby. If you are able, please consider this additional donation to help us provide more to our community than our operating budget allows.

THE SYNAGOGUES “FAIR SHARE” POLICY EXPECTS MEMBERS TO PLACE THEMSELVES IN THE CORRECT CATEGORY. THE PRESIDENT AND TREASURER RESERVE THE RIGHT TO RETURN PLEDGE FORMS THAT DO NOT INDICATE AN ACCEPTABLE LEVEL OF COMMITMENT. Income is defined as the gross income of member(s) including all sources of revenue. This is essentially the adjusted gross income as defined by the IRS. Retirees who use other sources to subsidize this amount should include these withdrawals as part of their gross.


Babayit – $500 Single / $750 Family Limited to those members who are members in good standing at another synagogue.

Choots Labayit - $500 Single / $750 Family Limited to those whose legal resident is more than 60 miles from Temple Beth El.

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